1. General information

In which languages can we browse the website?

  • English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and French

I'm having problems accessing the website or making a purchase

  • If you have any technical problems while browsing our website or placing an order, please contact us and we will help you solve your problem. shop@berwickshoes.com

If a product is out of stock

  • We will replace it as soon as possible. If you wish, you can contact us and we will let you know when it is available. To do this, you must provide us with your email address by clicking on "Notify us of availability" which appears on the product page.

Will the product be the same as the one in the photo?

  • It will comply with all the features provided and shown for the model, but you have to take into account that as it is a handmade product you may find some minimal differences in colour and finish.

How to make the purchase process:

  • Select the item you wish to buy by selecting your size and adding it to the basket. When you have selected all the desired items, go to the shopping cart, you will see a summary of your order, you can confirm it and continue with the purchase process, delete the items you do not want or go back if you want to continue shopping.

Customer service hours shop@berwickshoes.com:

  • Monday to Thursday: 09:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 19:00, Friday 09:00 to 13:00

Get invoice

  • You can download your invoice from your account on our website. If you wish to receive it on paper or by email, you can request it when you place your order in the comments field to the seller.

Do the prices include VAT?

  • Yes, all items shown in our online shop are inclusive of VAT.

I do not receive your e-mails.

  • Most often your email is sending our messages to your spam or junk mail folder. To avoid this, add shop@berwickshoes.com to your email address book.
  • Make sure you entered your email address correctly when you created your account.

How do I know my size if I am buying Berwick for the first time?

  • They do not have a different fit to the other shoes you wear, you will wear the same size, you can also take a look at our sizing guide or if you prefer contact us so that we can guide you according to each last (shop@berwickshoes.com).

2. Account

How do I log in to the Berwick 1707 online shop?

  • On the top right hand side of our website, you will find a "My Account" icon. If you are already registered, you only need to enter your e-mail address and password. If you are not yet registered with our online shop, and wish to do so, click on 'Register Now' and fill in the form that will appear. We will automatically send you a confirmation e-mail, after receiving it, click on the link "Finish Registration" and you will be registered on our website.

If you have forgotten your password.

  • You can reset it by going to "My account" and clicking on "Forgotten your password".

Do I need to register in order to make a purchase?

  • No, in order to place an order and make your purchase you only need to provide us with your billing details. We recommend that you register, as you will be able to check the status of your orders and download your invoice.

3. Orders

Has my order been placed correctly?

  • After making the payment you will receive an e-mail confirming the transaction. If you do not receive it, check your spam folder or contact us. You can also view the status of your order from "My account" if you have registered.

How can I check the status of my order?

  • If you have registered you can access your account and select "My orders", from there you can check the status of your order.

Can I remove an item from my order or cancel it?

  • As long as you have not processed your order you can delete the items you do not want from the shopping cart. Once the purchase process has been completed, you will not be able to delete or cancel them.

Can I save my purchase to confirm it and pay for it at another time?

  • Yes, once you access "shopping cart" you have the option to save the current shopping cart in the shopping list and finish the purchase process later.

4. Payments

Payment methods:

  • We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Aurora Card, Discover, Maestro, American Express) as well as PayPal and bank transfer. If you have any problems with your payment, please contact us. shop@berwickshoes.com

Reasons why your credit card may be declined:

  • Check that you have filled in all the fields correctly.
  • Check the validity of your card, it may be out of date.
  • You may have exceeded the limit allowed for purchases. Check with your bank.
  • Your card may not be authorised for online purchases.

Is my purchase secure?

  • Yes, your data will be 100% protected with us, it is transmitted in SSL encrypted form. For payment with Visa and Mastercard only Ces (Secure Electronic Commerce) transactions will be accepted. After verifying that the card is adhered to the CES system, the system will contact the bank that issued the card so that the buyer authorises the purchase. When the bank confirms the authenticity, the card will be charged.

5. Shipping

Where can I receive my order?

  • Wherever you want, in the order form we ask you for the delivery address, it can be different from the billing address, as long as they are within the same country.

Which countries do we deliver to?

  • We currently deliver to: Spain and other European countries (Portugal, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Greece). Also to most countries in the world, except Korea and Japan as there is an official shop and you must buy from their website or shop. If you wish, you can contact us at shop@berwickshoes.com and we will inform you.

Can the delivery country be different from the invoice address?

  • No, the country of invoice and the country of delivery must always coincide.

What to do in case we do not ship orders to your country

  • Please contact us to see the possibilities shop@berwickshoes.com

How many days elapse between order confirmation and receipt of the order?

  • Normally between 24-48 working hours on the Iberian Peninsula, in Europe from 5 to 7 working days, although you can request Premium service and you will receive your order in 48-72 working hours.

What is the delivery charge?

  • Shipping costs are free in most countries of the European Union, for shipments to areas outside the coverage of free shipping, the price of it will be calculated according to destination, the weight of the items and the amount to send based on the rates of the carrier. Consult purchase conditions.

6. Returns

What to do to return or exchange an article?

  • You must fill in the corresponding article return or exchange form. It is essential to send this form in order to process the request. If you wish to cancel your purchase, you must fill in the same form. In both cases we will send a courier to collect the product, so we will need you to provide us with the collection address and any comments you may have. We will not accept returns or exchanges of products that are missing accessories or parts, that present damage (scratches on the sole or damage to the leather), damage or signs of use beyond those necessary to check its good condition and that are the correct size. In the event that the original packaging and label are not complete and in correct condition, the boots may suffer a depreciation.

How long do I have to return or exchange my boots?

  • You have a period of 14 calendar days from the date of receipt. For more information, please consult the conditions of purchase.

Cost of the return:

  • The transport costs of a first return will be free if the shipping cost is also free, you can check it in the table of the conditions of purchase. The costs incurred for second or more returns will be paid by the customer.

When and how will I receive the amount of my return?

  • Once we have received the goods and checked that they are in perfect condition, we will process the refund of the amount paid. We will pay you within a maximum period of 14 working days from receipt of the goods.

Under what conditions should I exchange or return the goods?

  • In order to accept the exchange or return, the product must be in perfect condition (without scratches on the sole or damage to the leather), it must retain labels and original packaging.