Duque de Berwick

Duke of Berwick

In 1707 a crucial battle took place in Almansa for the Spanish War of Succession, in which the Duke of Berwick won the decisive victory that resulted in Philip the Fifth claiming the throne of Spain.

On January 24, 1871 Charles Goodyear Jr. patented a machine for sewing leather welt, which was a task that was previously performed by craftsmen.



Charles Goodyear Jr.

Charles Goodyear Jr.

In 1883 Jan Ernst Matzeliger patented an automatic method for lasting shoes.

Sydney W. Winslow later purchased these patents, setting up the United Shoe Machine Company, whose machines are still used today, and that helped to develop the industrial manufacturing process, increasing production exponentially, creating thousands of jobs and reducing the price of shoes by 50%.

Currently Milan Classic S.A. manufactures shoes in Almansa under the direction of Berwick 1707, through the Charles Goodyear Jr. process patented 141 years ago, controlling production vertically through a complex industrial organisation, so that every phase in manufacturing the shoe, even those normally outsourced, as would be constructing the heel or producing the sole, are carried out in the same factory, which promotes cost containment and quality control.


Berwick 1707 Workshop

Berwick 1707 Workshop

Through a combination of technology and expert craftsmanship in highly-specialised tasks that require the know-how of many years of experience, Berwick 1707 and Berwick 1707 Premium Grade shoes comprise carefully-made articles, with high added value, which successfully exceed the expectations of the most demanding user and will faithfully accompany him step by step over the years.